Flagship Sites

Alexander Youth Network
6220 Thermal Road
Charlotte, NC 28211

Alexander Youth Network (AYN) is a private, non-profit organization that serves children 5 to 21 with serious emotional and behavioral problems. AYN believes that children are best served by combining multiple programs under one system of care. AYN offers a full continuum of care including Outpatient Therapy, Community Support, Intensive In-Home Services, Day Treatment, Foster Care, Multisystemic Therapy, a Crisis Shelter, and a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility. They serve more than 450 children daily throughout North Carolina.

Berry Street Take Two
1 Salisbury Street
Richmond, 3121

Berry Street Take Two is a state-wide service, located in Victoria, Australia, that is responsible for therapeutic intervention with clients of Child Protection, aged from 0-18 years. These children usually have experienced developmental and complex trauma or/and have attachment difficulties.

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch
600 W. 11th Street
Amarillo, TX 79101

Cal Farley’s is a large privately-funded, non profit child and family organization specializing in both residential and community-based services at no cost to the families of children in their care.  Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch is a residential childcare community located in the Northwest Texas panhandle.

Hull Services
2266 Woodpark Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2W 2Z8

Hull Services is a non-profit agency with expertise in issues that challenge children, families and communities. Through individualized assessment and treatment, combined with compassionate commitment, Hull carefully selects and delivers evidence based practices to ensure high quality care and beneficial outcomes. Areas of intervention include the effects of child maltreatment, abuse and neglect, issues involving mental illness, behavioural disorders, sexual victimization, addiction, developmental delay, poverty and depression. Hull’s service continuum ranges from prevention and early intervention through to residential programs, and includes mental health and addiction services, in-home support, mentors, educational programs, family therapy, foster and kinship care, residential treatment and supported independent living.

Mount St. Vincent Home
4159 Lowell Blvd.
Denver, CO 80211

Mount Saint Vincent Home is a treatment faclity that partners with families and children to strengthen their ability to emotionally and socially participate in their community. Services include residential treatment, day treatment, out patient and psychiatric treatment, school based program, therapeutic and traditional preschool, Aspen house group home, and Creative Arts therapy programs. They provide services to children between the ages of 3 and 13 and their families.

Parent-Infant & Child Institute
433 Soscol Avenue, Suite B-171
Napa, CA 94559

The Parent-Infant & Child Institute (PICI) is an organization dedicated to the mental health and general well-being of children age 0-5.  Since 1998, the PICI has provided training for professionals, consulting for parents and providers, and therapeutic services for children. In 2002, the Napa Fellowship was developed to offer working professionals advanced post-graduate training in mental health services for infants and young children grounded in relational, developmental, neurobiological, and trauma informed concepts. This 15-month program is affiliated with the University of California Davis Extension. The PICI also offers training and consultation on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, creating therapeutic environments, reflective practice, assessing newborns and young children, Mobius Care Therapy, Brazelton’s Touchpoints, Video Intervention Therapy, and many other evidence based approaches to working with infants, young children, their parents and other caregivers. The PICI works with local and state governments, non-profit and for-profit organizations, international entities, and individuals worldwide to support safe and nurturing relationships, early intervention, diagnosis, and appropriate treatment.

Sandhill Child Development Center
50 Calle Del Rio
Los Lunas, NM 87031

Sandhill Child Development Center is a residential program for children between the ages of 5 and 13 who are experiencing significant difficulties functioning in their current home environments, schools or communities due to an inability to regulate their emotional states. Their goal is to create an environment that facilitates intense, gratifying personal relationships, while at the same time confronting those behaviors that interfere with establishing close personal bonds. Through the use of well-trained staff and interventions such as neurofeedback, milieu work, EMDR, nutritional considerations and animals, they foster a safe, regulating environment where nurture is difficult to resist. As the children live in this milieu over the course of many months, their baseline of neurological functioning shifts from a state of fear and the associated distancing and controlling behaviors to a state of greater regulation and openness to relationships. By repairing a child’s trust in care and adult guidance, Sandhill gives the child the tools necessary to proceed with healthy childhood development.

8901 West Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53222-1706

SaintA, formerly St. Aemilian-Lakeside, Inc., is a non-profit, non-sectarian child-welfare organization providing foster care, education and mental health services for all of Southeast Wisconsin and beyond. Now celebrating 160 years of service in the community, the organization acknowledges that neurological functioning and past trauma affect behavior and employs the most cutting-edge brain research to create interventions that empower children, families and adults and help them lead productive lives.

The Village Network
17606 Coshocton
Mount Vernon, OH 43055

Since 1946, The Village Network has specialized in the treatment and care of abused, neglected and troubled youth. Integrated programs include residential treatment, day treatment, treatment foster care and alternative school programs at multiple locations throughout Ohio. This extensive continuum of care allows youth at The Village Network to move within programs and network locations to meet changing treatment needs. There are multiple locations across the state including Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Delaware, Knox County/Mt. Vernon, Lorain, Newark, Sandusky, Uhrichsville and Wooster.