The Neurosequential Model in Education (NME) draws upon the NMT (a neurodevelopmentally-informed, biologically respectful perspective on human development and functioning) to help educators understand student behavior and performance.  The goals of NME are to educate faculty and students in basic concepts of neurosequential development and then teach them how to apply this knowledge to the teaching and learning process.  NME is not a specific “intervention”; it is a way to educate school staff about brain development and developmental trauma and then to further teach them how to apply that knowledge to their work with students in and outside the classroom, particularly those students with adverse childhood experiences.

The ChildTrauma Academy has developed a set of training courses to help school counselors, administrators, teachers and support staff utilize the NME with the children they serve.


It’s now possible for educators to enroll in our online courses!  We offer two options both self-paced and led by Dr. Bruce Perry.  Our “Introduction to the NME Training Series” is self-paced and uses everyday classroom challenges with real children to introduce emerging concepts related to brain functioning, brain development and traumatology in everyday educational settings.  We also offer a 15 hour (ten 90-minute sessions) NME Case-based Training Series which a more in depth look at NME and its applications in the classroom.

FIVE HOUR INTRO COURSE:   “Introduction to the NME Training Series

FIFTEEN HOUR COURSE:  “2013-14 NME Case-based Training Series


The NME Trainers Program is available for select educators to provide a basic level of exposure to core concepts and key elements necessary to bring the NME and the NME Classroom Tools into their educational setting.  Read the NME Trainers Program Overview and access our NME Trainers Program enrollment form.

Face-to-Face NME BOOT CAMP

Consider kicking off your Trainer’s Program in our upcoming NME Boot Camp:

  • Banff, Alberta, Canada – June 12 – 15, 2018

Overview and Enrollment