CTA is a not-for-profit organization based in Houston, Texas working to improve the lives of high-risk children through direct service, research and education. We recognize the crucial importance of childhood experience in shaping the health of the individual, and ultimately, society. By creating biologically-informed child and family respectful practice, programs and policy, CTA seeks to help maltreated and traumatized children.



Born for Love – In this book, Dr. Bruce D. Perry and journalist Maia Szalavitz argue that empathy, the ability to recognize and share the feelings of others, is a crucial human quality that underlies much more than love, friendship and parenting.  CTA offers a free Study Guide to accompany this book here.

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The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog – “A profound lesson in simple humanity.” – O, Oprah’s Magazine. In this deeply informed and moving book, Dr. Bruce Perry dramatically demonstrates that only when we understand the science of the mind can we hope to heal.  CTA offers a free Study Guide to accompany this book here.

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Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: Core Concepts and Clinical Practice –  In 20 engaging chapters by renowned practitioners and researchers in the field, the book covers concepts from the nature of infant emotional and brain development to the practice of neurologically and relationally based therapies, and explores topics from child trauma to autism spectrum disorders.

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Brief: Reflections on Childhood, Trauma and Society is a collection of shorter pieces by the CTA Senior Fellow, Dr. Bruce D. Perry. This mulitmedia book, with slides, images, video and text, is intended to stimulate reflection on some of the most challenging aspects of life in our modern world. Brief is The ChildTrauma Academy’s inaugural iBook available on iTunes and also on Kindle.



The ChildTrauma Academy is thrilled to make available three, new Bootcamps — two for NMT Phase I Training Certification and one for NME Training Certification!  See options below!

Our Nashville 2017 Bootcamps will take place at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, TN.  They will dovetail with the 2017 National Permanency Conference (Oct. 23, 2017) which is being presented by Harmony Family Center.  Please note that registration for our Boot Camps is separate from the registration for the National Permanency Conference.

Our European 2017 NMT Phase I Bootcamp will take place The Hague, Netherlands – Sept. 29 & 30, 2017.

The ChildTrauma Academy’s Bootcamps offer an accelerated, face-to-face learning experience and serve as the kick-off to our year-long, self paced NMT & NME Individual Training Certification Programs.  Enrollment in a Bootcamp includes payment for the full year of self-paced learning.  All Bootcamps may be purchased online here.

* Educators – Read more about our NME Bootcamp: Nashville 2017!

* Clinicians – Read more about our NMT Bootcamp: Nashville 2017! or  NMT Bootcamp The Neatherlands 2017!


Childs_LossA Child’s Loss: Helping Children Exposed to Traumatic Death is a short booklet that provides some practical advice for adults helping children deal with traumatic loss. Simple and clear recommendations for parents, caregivers and educators are provided. It is part of the CTA Press Caregiver Series and is available on iTunes and also on Kindle.

nmt_thumbnailThe Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) Case-based Training Series are clinical case conference series led by Dr. Bruce Perry.  Mental health professionals can conveniently view RECORDINGS of  ten 90 minute sessions via the Internet.  Join anytime.  Peruse your options here.

The CTA offers a variety of educational videos and materials. Click “ORDER NOW” to view a detailed list of our products and ordering methods.

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